Sfera – Full Face Mask

Extra wide view full face mask. Multipurpose connector and accurate
distribution of weights. Wide field of vision: over 85% of the natural
field. Full face polycarbonate visor with a high impact resistance,
completely free from distortions. The visor has an antiscratch coating
and a good resistance to acids. Resistance to flame and radiant
heat: the mask is self-extinguishing and retains its protective capacity
even after such severe tests. Quick donning and doffing; the
shoulder strap allows to keep the mask ready for immediate use.
Long shelf life: high ozone resistance of the rubber compounds used.
Easy maintenance, washing and disinfection: all components can be
disassembled with simple tools.

Face seal: EPDM or Silicone • Inner half mask: EPDM or Silicone rubber
Visor: Polycarbonate • Connector: Polyamide (PA) • Harness: EPDM