Idea – Full Face Mask

Full face mask with an innovative design. Panoramic visor with a
wide field of vision, optically perfect and completely distortion free
and protected by the frame, to ensure high resistance against scratches
and abrasions. Multipurpose connector comprising threaded
connector complete with inhalation valve and sealing rubber gasket
according to EN 148/1, exhalation valve equipped with compensating
elliptical prechamber to make the threaded connector more compact,
high efficiency, centrally positioned speech diaphragm. Very low breathing
resistance. Enhanced ventilation system: perfect demisting of
the screen even in the most severe conditions of use.
Excellent voice transmission. Resistance to flame and radiant heat.
Easy maintenance, washing and disinfection: reduced quantity of
parts to be replaced, which can be disassembled with simple tools.

Face seal: EPDM or Silicone • Inner half mask: EPDM or Silicone rubber
Visor: Polycarbonate • Connector: Polyamide (PA) • Harness: EPDM