Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses



Diablo Industrial MM

• The light weight and mechanically resistant carrying frame, is made of
self extinguishing fibre glass reinforced synthetic resin and is designed in
order to ergonomically fit the shape of the body.
• The harness is made of self-extinguishing synthetic woven fabric.
• The buckles are flame resistant and quickly adjustable.
• Black shoulders with yellow-printed name “DIABLO” identify a type 1
SCBA. Black shoulders with red-printed name “DIABLO” identify a type 2
• In the C2000/2 balanced type pressure reducer (patented) the number
of moving components was reduced by 50%. The result is an exceptional
response time, an extremely compact medium pressure cycle, smooth breathing
and overall performance stability.
• The pressure gauge is connected to the pressure reducer through a high
pressure hose.
• The audible warning device is mounted on the pressure reducer. It is of
the two-stage-type, i.e. activated by high pressure and operated by medium
pressure. Its unique design also allows an automatic testing of the
correct functioning (patented).
• The demand valve is of the self-positive type, i.e. it is in a standby mode
and switches automatically to positive pressure at the first breath without
any waste of air. Available with both threaded connector M45x3 or plug-in;
• Full face masks C607 SP/A, SFERA SP/A and IDEA SP/A available in EPDM
or Silicone rubber.